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Chiara Offreduccio (St. Clare) was born in 1194. It is said that when her mother had Chiara in her womb, an angel appeared to her and said, "your child will be a light that will illuminate the world!" Hence, her mother named the child Chiara, which means "light. As G.K. Chesterton put it, St. Clare was a romantic figure just like Juliet was. However, instead of running away from her family in order to be with an earthly man, Clare gave up everything and ran away from her family for the love of her Savior!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby Saint Scholastica!

My dear Saint Scholastica loves to surprise me in the funniest ways! I had prayed before her alter at St. Benedict's Catholic Church this morning, and this evening I was searching the web for holy cards when I ran into the most wonderful thing.....

Now, if God ever blesses me with children and blesses me with a girl, I plan on naming her Scholastica. However, I'm frustrated over how neglected this beautiful name is nowadays! I was so happy when I saw my Scholastica featured as the "host" of the following DVD on the rosary for babies and toddlers.....

Holy Baby! Seven Prayers In Seven Languages

'The Rosary Project is inspired by Pope John Paul II's 2002 call for the faithful to "Confidently take up the Rosary again... in the context of their daily lives." The Pope said youth would take up the Rosary if given a pastoral approach "which is positive, impassioned and creative..." He implored, "Do not let this appeal of mine go unheard!" The first in a series of Holy Baby! DVDs - "Holy Baby! Seven Prayers in Seven Languages" - gives parents a positive, impassioned and creative tool that introduces infants and young children to seven foundational prayers of the Rosary in seven major languages of the world. The show is hosted by Baby Scholastica, a three dimensional animated cartoon character inspired by the scholarly Saint Scholastica, twin sister of Saint Benedict and champion of prayer, education and bold faith in God and Scripture.

"... an engaging, simple, vivid introduction to prayer for toddlers and young children. It's beautifully done with age-appropriate songs and music. This is a wonderful aid for families who want to begin their children on a walk with the Lord."- Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Denver

"Very well done, My 1-year old loved it! I'd never seen him sit and watch anything before."- Tom Hoopes, Editor of the National Catholic Register

Here is another article about this wonderful DVD.

Parents......please consider buying this for your babies!


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